Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Norwegian Countryside

Well, it has been a while since I did anything out of the ordinary, but this weekend proved different. One of the owners, Per, was in town and he is always up for a good party. With very little twisting of our arms, we were convinced to head out to the local night spot down the road. Time flies when you are drinking $12 beers and it was 3am before we knew it. The group was divided, some were still awake and ready for more and others were more than ready for bed. Fortunately for Per and I, we had run into some people we knew and headed up the road for a Nachtspill. Well time flew at our after party too, and seemingly, even before Per could pass all the way out on the couch it was time to get up and head to work. Good thing I got those two hours of sleep.

I'll be the first to admit that the beer I finished at 6am might not have been the best thing to drink at that hour considering I had to be at work at nine. Fortunately for Per and I Sunday was different than most work days, and the first two and a half hours consisted of riding on a bus. By the time the headache began to subside, it was time to guide 6 family rafting trips back to back. The weather cooperated and all the little kids had a good time rafting down through the beautiful Hyen Valley.

Knut Arlid Flatjord taking care of the kiddies at the put in

The sun came out and made for some spectacular views

With all the family trip action on Sunday everyone was more than happy to have Monday off. Team America(Mefford, Liza, Julia(Liza's cousin), and I) decided to take a trip up the Stardalen Valley to check out the Haugabreen Glacier.

On the way up Haugadalen looking back down into the Stardalen

Although I have seen several glaciers from a distance I had not yet touched one in the flesh. Getting to Haugabreen is a really cool hike through one of the more spectacular valleys I have been to.

Heading up Haugadalen towards Haugabreen

The first good view of the Haugabreen

The hike continually provided amazing views, and a little excitement, in the form of me stepping in the creek. We eventually made it to the glacier and got to check out some ice, up close and personal.

The Haugabreen(breen means ice in Norwegian) is a branch of the Myklebust glacier. When you turn around from Haugabreen you are able to see a branch of the Jostadalsbreen. The Jostadalsbreen in the largest glacier in mainland Europe.

From Haugabreen towards Jostadalsbreen

On the way up to the glacier I spotted a route that I wanted to attempt on the way down. I separated from the group and headed out to the very top of the waterfall in route to the valley floor. From a distance I was told that I looked a bit like a mountain goat as I speedily made my way down the rocky landscape.

The view from the top of the waterfall back into the Haugadalen

A self portrait at the bottom of the waterfall

After the glacial exploration we made our way home and were back to work on the Jolstra today. Stay tuned for more Scandinavian adventures.

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